Jason Aleman

An experienced professional sound engineer in the audio industry for over 20 years

I see the world through sound.

Whether it’s the sound of an old spring-loaded paper dispenser, the hum and vibrations of electric energy sources or the staccato beat of raindrops landing outside my window, sound is on my mind and in my ear at all times, no matter how soft, how rhythmic or how irregular. And it is in the white noise that I often find the greatest inspiration—the “negative space” of artistic interpretation.

I believe that these are the qualities that make for a great sound engineer and sound designer.

I am a professional sound engineer practicing in the industry for over 20 years. My experience has been formed by my education at Berklee College of Music where I graduated with a degree in Music Synthesis.

I also have the skills and creativity with which to engage successfully with musicians, producers and directors of varying backgrounds, personalities, musical styles and genres, helping them bring to life their creative vision in ways that elevate their artistic intentions.

My skills stretch across the continuum of audio production—including producing, sound design, sound engineering, recording, editing, composition, digital music, mixing, mastering and restoration.

I am interested in exploring new projects and how I could play a role in helping you achieve your creative Vision.