Studio Equipment

Our full production studio is equipped for all your recording needs: Albums, Demos, Sound-Design, Voiceovers, Transfers, and Extensive Midi Capabilities. With in-house Producers, Arrangers, Composers, as wells as Studio Musicians at Your Disposal To Get Your Music Heard and Done Properly.

Recording, Editing, Mixing, Re-Mixing, Mastering, Sound-Design, Production, Composition, Artist-Development, as well as Sound/Music for Film/Commercials-Jingles.

Studio Layout/Booths

Control Room 15’x8’x8′ (LxWxH)
Tracking Room 15’x15’x8′ (LxWxH)
Live (Drum) Room 65’x45’x30′ (LxWxH)
(Not Pictured-Photo Coming Soon)
2-Custom Built Guitar Amp Iso Booths
(Fits Any Amp)
Studio Lounge Area (with Full Bathroom)


1-Power Mac G5 Quad 2.5 10GB Ram
1-MacBook Pro Intel Quad Core I-7 8GB Ram
1-MacBook Intel Core Duo 3GB Ram
1-PowerBook G4 Laptop 1GB Ram
1-Dell PC 8100 Dimension Series


Wireless Internet Access on Premises
Client accessible computer/printer

Recording Hardware Interface

1-Avid ProTools 11
with 2-Digidesign 002 Rack Recording Interfaces
36 Track Recording
256 Track Playback
2-Digidesign M-Box w/2 Inputs

Digital Recorders/Backup

Alesis ADAT XT-20 Recorder
Tascam DA-20 DAT Recorder

Rec Software Host/Slave Programs

Avid Pro-Tools 11
with Complete Production Toolkit Update
Logic Pro 7
Logic Pro Studio 8
Reason 6.5
Ableton Live 6

Software Plugins

Too Many to List
Waves Diamond V9
Waves SSL/API Bundles
McDSP Emerald
Native-Instruments Komplete 8
TC Electronic-PowerCore Compact
Antares Avox 2, AutoTune 5, Vocal Toolkit
Ik Multimedia Amplitube, Ampeg
BFD 2 Drums
Bombfactory, etc.

Mic Pre-Amps

Too Many to List
Waves Diamond V9
Waves SSL/API Bundles
McDSP Emerald
Native-Instruments Komplete 8
TC Electronic-PowerCore Compact
Antares Avox 2, AutoTune 5, Vocal Toolkit
Ik Multimedia Amplitube, Ampeg
BFD 2 Drums
Bombfactory, etc.


1-Neumann U87
1-Neumann Vintage U47 Fet
1-Neumann TLM 103
1-Soundelux ifet7
1-AEA R84 Ribbon
1-AEA R92 Ribbon
1-Royer R-121 Ribbon
1-Groove Tubes GT 57
1-Oktava MKL 2500 Russian Tube
1-Rhode NT5 (Matched Pair)
1-Senheiser MD 441U
3-Senhieser MD 421 II
1-Senheiser e609 Silver
1-Shure KSM44
1-Shure Beta 52
1-Shure Beta 91
1-Shure SM81
1-Shure SM7B
1-Shure BG 4.1
2-Shure SM 57
3-Shure SM 48
1-Shure PG 56
1-Audix D6
2-Audix D2
2-Audix I-5
1-Audix OM2
1-AKG D-112
1-Samson CO3
1-Samson Stereo CO2 (Matched Pair)
2-Marshal MXL 990
1-Marshal MXL 991
1-Marshall MXL V63M
1-Behringer B-5
1-On Stage OSM 800

Outboard Compressors/Gates

1-Universal Audio 1176LN
1-Universal Audio LA-2A
1-Universal Audio LA-3A
1-Urei La-22 Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter (VINTAGE)
2-Empirical Labs Distressors EL-8XM
5-DBX FS900 w/2-902 Dessers (Vintage)
w/4-905 EQ’s (Vintage)
w/1-905 EQ (Vintage) and
1-Aphex EQ (Vintage)
2-DBX 166 Dual Channel Gate/Compressor w/PeakStop (VINTAGE)
2-DBX 160A Compressor/Limiter
1-DBX 163X Overeasy Compressors (VINTAGE)
1-DBX 163A Overeasy Compressor (VINTAGE)
1-DBX 263X De-esser (VINTAGE)
1-DBX 263A De-esser (VINTAGE)
2-DBX 363X Dual Channel Gate (VINTAGE)
1-Roland/Boss CL-50 Compressor (VINTAGE)

Outboard EQ’s

1-Furman Dual Channel 31 Band
2-DBX 900 Series 905 EQ’s

Outboard Synths/Samplers

1-Yamaha Motif Rack ES
1-Novation A-Station
1-Alesis DM5 Drum Module

Outboard Effects

1-Lexicon MX200 Multi FX
1-BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer


1-Alesis Micron Synth


2-Countryman Type 85
1-Radial J48
2-Radial SGI Studio Guitar Interface Extenders
1-Fishman Pro EQII
1-Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver D.I. Pedal
2-Tech 21 SansAmp Acoustic D.I.
1-DOD 240 Resistance Mixer
2-Morely ABY switchers
1-Morely AB Switcher
1-Roland/Boss FS-5U Non-Latching Switch


1-Korg DTR-1000 Rack Tuner
1-Korg GT-12
2-Korg Pedal DT-10
1-Roland/Boss TU-12


1-DOD FX64 ICE BOX Chorus
2-DOD FX69 GRUNGE Distortion (Vintage)
1-DOD FX86 Death Metal Distortion (Vintage)
1-DOD FX86B Death Metal Distortion (Vintage)
1-DOD FX76 Punkifier Fuzz Box (Vintage)
1-Digitech Whammy 2
1-Dunlop Jimi Hendrix System Octave Fuzz
1-Dunlop Original Cry Baby Wah
2-Tech 21 SansAmp Classic
1-Tech 21 SansAmp Original (VINTAGE)
1-Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver D.I. Pedal
1-Tech 21 Comptortion Pedal
1-Tech 21 Bass Compactor Pedal
1-Tech 21 California Series Pedal
1-Zoom 505 Multi FX Pedal
1-Roland/Boss OverDrive/Distortion OS-2
2-Roland/Boss Hyper Metal HM-3
2-Roland/Boss Heavey Metal HM-2
1-Roland/Boss Turbo Distortion DS-2
1-Roland/Boss (Vintage) Digital Metalizer MZ-2
1-Roland/Boss Pitch Shifter/Delay PS-3
1-Roland/Boss Digital Delay/Reverb RV-3
1-Roland/Boss Digital Delay DD-5
1-Roland/Boss Tremolo TR-2
1-Roland/Boss Super Phaser PH-2
1-ProCo Vintage Rat Pedal (Vintage) 1979-1981
1-ProCo Vintage Rat 2 Pedal USA Made No Mod
1-ProCo Rat Pedal 2 USA Made Robert Keeley Mod
1-Electro Harmonix Small Clone (Reissue) 1-Electro Harmonix (Vintage) Big Muff PI
—“Rams Head”
1-Electro Harmonix (Vintage) EchoFlanger
1-Electro Harmonix (Vintage) PolyFlanger
2-Electro Harmonix (Vintage) PolyChorus
1-Electro Harmonix (Vintage) Small Clone
1-Electro Harmonix (Vintage) Electric Mistress
1-Electro Harmonix (Vintage) St. Memory Man


1-Marshall Vintage 1959-SLP 100Watt Super Lead Reissue Plexi Head
1-Hughes & Kettner 100Watt TriAmp Head
1-Marshall VS100WP Head Solid State
1-Marshall 140Watt Slanted 4×12 cabinet
35Watt Celestion Speakers
1-Marshall Valvestate 80V 8080
Combo Amp 80 watts
1-Vox AD15VT Combo Amp w/EFX’s 15 watts
1-Squire Champ 15G 15watts


-Pearl Export Series 5+ Piece Drum set

-Snare Drums-

Pearl Export Steel Snare-14″x6.5″
Gretsch Drums Catalina Club Maple Snare-14″x6.5″
Ludwig Snare 2-14″x5.5″
Pulse Steel Piccolo Snare-14″x3.5″

Pulse Extra Tom-10’x8′
Pearl Left Tom-12″x11″
Pearl Right Tom-13″x11″
Pearl Left Floor Tom 1-16″x16″
LudWig Right Floor Tom 2-18″x16″
Pearl Kick Drum-22″x18″
Pearl Double Bass Drum Kick Pedal

Drum Heads

Aquarian Performance II on Tom Batters
Aquarian Super Kick II Kick Drum Batter
Aquarian Small Hole Regulator Kick Resonant
Remo Weather King on Toms Resonant


1-Pair Zildjian Amir 14″ Hi Hats w/Quick Drop Clutch
1-Sabian AA Splash China 10″
1-Zildjian Splash 10″
1-Sabian B8Pro Splash 10″
1-Sabian AA Medium Crash 16″
1-Zildjian Medium Thin Crash 18″
1-Sabian B8Pro Medium Crash 16″
1-Sabian B8 Crash/Ride 18″
1-Sabian B8Pro China Crash 18″
1-Sabian AA Dry Ride 21″
1-Zildjian Amir Ride 20″
1-Zildjian Zil-Bel
1-Paiste Splash 8″


1-Pair Matador Bongos
1-DST Rhythm Tamborine
1-Red LP Blast Block


Fender SR6520PD Powered 500 watts
Behringer Eurorack UB1204FX-PRO


2-Yamaha CLUB Series III Speakers
2-Yamaha CLUB Series III Floor Monitors
1-Galaxy HotSpot

Monitor(s) System

1-Mackie Big Knob Master Monitor Switcher
2-Pairs Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors
1-Pair M-Audio BX5 Monitors
1-Pair Tannoy PBM 6.5 Monitors
1-Pair Edirol MA-10D Digital Monitors
1-Set THX 4.1 Surround Sound w/Sub


1-Mackie Universal Control Pro Mixing Console
1-Mackie Universal Control Pro Extender Console
2-Motu MicroLite 5 Channel Midi Interface
1-M-Audio O2 Keyboard
1-M-Audio Oxygen 8 Keyboard
1-M-Audio Keystation 61ES Keyboard
1-M-Audio Keystation 88ES Keyboard
1-M-Audio Trigger Finger
1-Korg Kaoss Pad 2 KP2

External Hard Drives

Glyph System Removable Bay Hard Drive
OWC Hard Drive
Lacie Hard Drives


1-Sony MDR-7506
2-Fostex T20 MKII
1-Fostex T20
1-Senhieser HD 280 Pro
1-Beyerdynamic DT-770
1-Metrophones w/metronome
1-Optimus Nova 67


This List is not Complete and is always being updated.

Some studio equipment may not be pictured as they were installed after the studio was photographed (example- Many of our compressors etc)

Photos for this gear will be updated soon as well as photos for out live drum room as well.